Holistic therapy, mindfulness teaching and training... for mind, body and soul... for people, horses and pets

Horses & Pets

Animals usually respond extremely well to healing. Clients with equines call Lesley a ‘horse whisperer’ because horses, as well as dogs, cats, and other pets, often ‘talk’ to her using images and emotions if they’re unhappy or unwell.

So, as well as giving healing if a horse, pony or pet is injured or unwell, Lesley uses her psychic ability when communicating with animals. She can often give feedback about how our animal friends are feeling emotionally and what might be behind these feelings, promoting wellbeing on every level.

As well as working with animals who are ill or injured, Lesley helps equines and pets with behavioural issues. Often, she finds that fear and grief are behind apparent aggression or anxiety. She works with animals to help them release their fear, as well as other emotions such as grief and anger. Human families often report their horse or pet friend is much calmer following healing.

Animals often show progress after healing faster than humans – possibly because they don’t get in the way of their own healing process by being sceptical, doubting or analytical, as humans can.

As with humans, Lesley offers both face-to-face appointments and distance healing, and works with animals from throughout the UK and beyond. She recommends at least four sessions initially, though some animals need more. When enough progress has been made, sessions are spaced out, with follow-ups as and when necessary.

Case Study: Star

Star, a Welsh pony, hadn’t been ridden for several months as he was bucking persistently. Joanne Marsden, of Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, was mystified. She’d spent a small fortune trying, in vain, to solve the problem; she’d tried trainers, Western riding and new tack, to no avail. The vet could find no obvious problem. At Star’s first healing session, he had become so suspicious of new people that he wouldn’t allow Lesley near, so she simply tuned in and did the therapy from a few feet away. Lesley found that Star had pain in his lower spine, neck and shoulders. After four sessions of healing, Star was ‘much calmer’. By now he trusted Lesley enough to let her touch him – even his sore back – and allowed Joanne to lean on him for the first time in many months. By his follow-up session a few weeks later, Joanne was able to put his tack on without problems. Gradually, he accepted a rider again without bucking. A new, expertly-fitted saddle completed the jigsaw to recovery. Since then he has won prizes at shows, including a ridden class. Joanne said: ‘Lesley was recommended by a friend; my horse was bucking and couldn’t be ridden. The therapy was very effective. Star is definitely less sore in the back area – no more bucking and he’s being ridden again.’

Case Study: Buttons

Carolyn Dixon booked Lesley after being recommended by other riders at her livery yard. She said: ‘I’d recommend Lesley both for humans and animals. My horse responds to Lesley well, showing her where she wants her to work and whether she wants more healing. Lesley has supported her through some major transitions – a shift away from working livery to full livery, a change of yard and she’s supported her recovery from a kick injury. In early sessions Lesley spent time unlocking deep-seated grief … Buttons’s sense of loss was really visible through her eyes and body language.

*Please note that animals who are injured or unwell must first be seen by a vet. Do not stop or reduce treatment without veterinary advice. No complementary therapy promises a cure.


Cost varies depending on the type of animal, how much time is needed, whether Lesley needs to travel and if so, how far.