Holistic therapy, mindfulness teaching and training... for mind, body and soul... for people, horses and pets


Lesley can do healing either face-to-face, or from a distance. She does distance healing for both humans and animals. She can also help when clients believe they or their home or workplace is being haunted. Many people who live far away choose to have distance healing for themselves, their horse or their pet. Up to half of Lesley’s clients receive healing in this way. Lesley recommends an initial course of four sessions, though some people and animals need more. When the client has made sufficient progress in their journey towards better health, sessions are spaced out, with follow-up sessions booked as and when necessary. Lesley offers appointments lasting from one hour, depending on the client’s needs.

Face to Face Appointments

The client comes to Lesley when possible. She also does home, hospital, yard and workplace visits. Clients visiting Lesley are seen in a comfortable, peaceful, relaxing private therapy room with an en-suite bathroom. Sessions include an initial consultation at the start of each session and time to give and receive feedback at the end. There is plenty of parking. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Distance Healing

Lesley does an initial consultation by connecting via Facetime, WhatsApp or telephone. The client then relaxes in their own room or, in the case of horses, stable or field, while Lesley tunes into their energy field and does the healing as if the client were there in person. She has done distance healing for clients as far away as California.

Using her heightened intuition, psychic awareness, intense focus and visualisation, she is able to sense where a client’s energy field is imbalanced and clear it. We don’t yet have the scientific knowledge to explain exactly how and why it works. But Lesley believes it is because, just like radio waves, light waves and sound waves, our energy fields, as well as the energy she channels through her hands, are limitless; so she can ‘tune into’ a living creature from a distance, just as she can tune into a radio. Many clients report that they can feel tingling, heat or pressure in their bodies as she is working, and feel much lighter afterwards; see Testimonials page. At the end of the session, Lesley talks to the client to give and receive feedback.


Cost varies depending on whether the client is a human or an animal, how much time is needed, whether Lesley needs to travel and if so, how far.
Lesley is also a mindfulness teacher accredited by Mindfulness Now. She offers mindfulness teaching either combined with healing sessions or separately.