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About The Therapy

All living creatures are surrounded by their own energy field – also known as the aura or bio-energy field. The existence of this field around humans is accepted by the World Health Organisation and its image can be seen using special equipment.

In the East, this electro-magnetic energy system has been understood for centuries; the Chinese refer to chi and meridian lines and in the Indian culture, energy centres within this field are known as chakras.

When a person is healthy, their energy field also feels healthy, with no major imbalances and little trapped, or blocked, energy. By contrast, when a person has an injury or illness, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, imbalances that correspond to the nature of the issue are present in the energy field. The energy field influences, as well as being influenced by, our health.

Several factors, including events, situations and relationships that we find stressful or traumatic, as well as injuries, environmental and genetic factors, can cause our energy system to stop flowing freely.

Lesley has developed and fine-tuned the natural sensitivity in her hands, as well as her intuition, over many years as a therapist, so that when she scans the energy field by running her hands over and through it, she is able to detect where energy flow is poor, abnormal or imbalanced and assess what might be causing these issues. She then uses her hands and intention to clear the trapped energy from the field and channels healing energy through her hands and fingers.

Some clients can see energy and have reported that as Lesley works, the light from her hands changes colour; it can be any colour of the rainbow or full spectrum (white) light. Many clients can feel their own energy system when Lesley is at work; they report tingling, heat or cold, or feeling as if they’re being pulled backwards or forwards, like a magnet.

As well as working on the energy system, Lesley focuses on the body directly, including the organs, joints and all other tissues, with the aim of enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate.

After qualifying as a bio-energy therapist in London with a Distinction more than 15 years ago, Lesley helped to train many other therapists, while constantly enhancing her ability and intuition during sessions with hundreds of clients – including several animals, from parrots to horses.

In a bid to help activate, accelerate and boost people’s natural healing potential, Lesley has spent many years developing her own advanced techniques. She used these techniques while working with her father after he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He had no NHS treatment, yet became one of only 5 per cent of people diagnosed with lung cancer to survive for more than 10 years.

She now uses these techniques with all her clients, for all kinds of conditions.

Lesley often calls herself a ‘plumber for the energy system’. Just as a plumber attempts to clear a blocked pipe or drain, Lesley works by clearing trapped energy from the system, as well as using special techniques that involve channelling energy into the client’s energy field and body through her hands.

Using her heightened intuition as well as healing techniques, she aims to help clients release the root causes of any illnesses, which she believes can include negative thinking and suppression of feelings such as guilt, shame, anger and grief, as well as many other factors.

As part of her bespoke healing programme, Lesley trains clients to use practical self-help exercises and techniques, not only to maximise their chances of recovery, but also to help them learn to manage their own health and minimise the risk of a recurrence of illness. These techniques include exercise to boost life force energy (chi), relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, stress reduction, and the use of affirmations and positive thinking techniques.

When working with animals, Lesley gives advice on how to minimise stress.

*Please note that it is important to follow your doctor’s or, in the case of animals, your vet’s advice. Although many people feel they have been helped by complementary therapy, it does not promise a cure. Do not stop conventional treatment or reduce medication without medical advice.


She is fizzing with energy…as well as the universal love energy that just radiates off her.
'I found the healing extraordinary...better sleeping, increased mobility, less pain, noise in head hugely better...
I'd most definitely recommend Lesley...it is much more than physical ease. After each session I've felt happier, much more at ease