Holistic therapy, mindfulness teaching and training... for mind, body and soul... for people, horses and pets

About Lesley

Lesley’s work as a healer has been featured in national media including The Daily Mail, The Times and Closer magazine.

The Daily Mail featured the story of her father, who survived lung cancer after asking her for healing when he was given just six months to live. The NHS could not help. A scan only months later showed he was free from cancer. He became one of only 5 per cent of people diagnosed with lung cancer to live more than 10 years. 

His story inspired dozens of other people from the UK and beyond to seek Lesley’s help.

Lesley’s gift for healing became apparent many years before her father’s recovery. As a child, she was able to sense when her pets and relatives were ill, in pain or unhappy. She found she could detect animals’ and people’s pain and alleviate it using her hands.

As an adult, she forged a successful career as a national magazine and newspaper journalist specialising in sensitive stories, while continuing to help friends, family and pets with her instinctive healing.

While working as a feature writer at the Daily Mail, London, she developed Repetitive Strain Injury in her arms. Through her work, she met a therapist who offered healing. Lesley was astonished to find the therapist was using a hands-off healing method like the one she herself had used intuitively for years. She experienced immediate relief in her symptoms.

Lesley felt compelled to train professionally. Soon afterwards she left her full-time job as a journalist to work as a therapist.

Lesley now has more than 15 years’ experience as a healer and trainer. She works with animals as well as people; clients in the equine world call her a ‘horse whisperer’ and she also sees cats, dogs and even parrots.


She has also helped individuals and even businesses convinced they or their homes or premises were being haunted by lost souls.

She has worked with clients with a huge range of conditions, from night terrors, depression and behaviour issues including ADHD, to autism, back problems, heart conditions, asthma, arthritis, skin disorders, epilepsy and terminal illnesses.

In addition, she has trained dozens of students as therapists, as well as running advanced training workshops for qualified therapists from throughout the UK and Ireland on working with people with terminal illnesses.

Lesley is based in Holmfirth, in West Yorkshire, on the edge of the picturesque Peak District. She runs a private clinic and does home and yard visits. Clients travel to see her from all over the UK. She does distance healing for those who are unable to visit; she has worked with clients as far away as California.

For those interested in finding out more about the therapy or harnessing their own healing potential or psychic awareness, she offers talks, workshops and training courses.

Lesley works with many clients who have been diagnosed with life-threatening or terminal illnesses. Healing is not always about finding a cure. For some, it is about finding pain-relief and peace as they approach the separation from our physical bodies that we call death.

Lesley is convinced that our souls and our love for each other are eternal, and that love and spiritual healing can be channelled to those in need of it via healers like her.

She passionately believes we are all meant to shine our lights in the world, and to be the best, the healthiest and the happiest we can be. For Lesley, healing is not only about overcoming disease and other challenges, but about helping people to clear any obstacles in their path towards fulfilling their true potential. Just like caterpillars that become butterflies, we are all capable of transforming and filling the world with beauty and love.

Lesley believes people and pets who get better with her help are the real healers; she sees herself as a hand to hold, a catalyst, a coach and a cheerleader to help clients through their own healing process until they achieve a new level of health and well-being.


She is fizzing with energy…as well as the universal love energy that just radiates off her.
'I found the healing extraordinary...better sleeping, increased mobility, less pain, noise in head hugely better...
‘I’d definitely recommend Lesley. I found the therapy very rewarding, whether it was face to face or remote therapy I would always feel more positive and upbeat after each session’
Bob D
It is clear Lesley is extremely talented and has a gift way beyond most. This is borne out with her results. She is fizzing with energy…as well as the universal love energy that just radiates off her.
Richard C